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Firqy / Threads of happiness

Say “HELLO” to healthy hair,

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Threads of happiness 

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All our scrunchies are handmade from scratch in India using quality fabrics and durable elastic that cuts down on friction and tension associated with traditional elastic ties.


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Scrunchies are Fashionable and Stylish.

They Just Feel Good

Scrunchies wonโ€™t give you headaches because they donโ€™t pull your hair tight. You can leave the scrunchie loose enough to hold your hair, but not pull it so tight that it makes you uncomfortable.

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“Firqy by Silky”

Hey! Iโ€™m Silky and welcome to Firqy. It is a one woman show here, but here we are growing bigger every day!

Firqy started in November 2021.

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  • Elastic length: 6in
  • Inner Diameter: 1.5in (regular), 6.5in (stretched)
  • Outer Diameter: 4.5in (regular), 8.0in (stretched)
  • Material: Satin, Silk, Velvet and Organza
  • Handmade